Garnier Ambre Solaire Natural Bronzer Self Tan Mousse

Garnier Ambre Solaire Natural Bronzer Self Tan Mousse

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Ambre Solaire Natural Bronzer Intense Clear Self Tan Mousse 200ml

Garnier Natural Bronzer offers express tanning solutions powered with 100% botanical origin tanning active, for a natural healthy looking glow. Tan that lasts up to a week*.
Our 1st transparent Self Tan Mousse is made with 92% natural origin ingredients for an intense tan in just one application. Enriched with Coconut Water, known for its hydrating properties, it provides a streak-free, natural-looking tan which gradually increases, leaving you with a tan that lasts for up to one week. Suitable for face and body. Quick drying self tan. Coconut summery fragrance.
Vegan formula, no animal derived ingredients or by-products.

How to use

1. Exfoliate skin. 2. Ensure skin is dry before applying and apply evenly. 3. Wash your hands after application. 4. Allow the tan to develop for 1 hour*. No need to wash off. Reapply as desired to achieve a deeper tan. 

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